In the summer months, it is brown so that it blends in nicely during that time of the year as well. The adults range in size from 5 to 20 pounds. The males are larger than the females but the overall size is often determined by their diet.

Other species of fox tend to spend their time isolated unless they are with a mate or they are taking care of young offspring. So, Arctic fox is quite social! It is believed that the Arctic Fox is responsible for introducing rabies to the area of Newfoundland in 1988.

As you can figure out by their name, the Arctic Fox lives in the below zero temperatures of the Arctic. They are one of the few types of animals that are able to live in this very cold location. As a result they have a wide home range and they don’t often have to worry about humans coming in and taking it over. They prefer to live in locations where there isn’t too deep of snow. This is why they are often found around the frozen ice of the waters.

They are often able to hear their prey underground before they actually see it. They can be above the snow too and still hear the prey moving. Then they leap on it from above and take it down. The majority of the food that the Arctic Fox consumes is Lemming. They also will eat fish and baby seals when they have the opportunity to do so. Eggs from a variety of types of birds are something that they will consume as well when they have the opportunity to do so.

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