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3. Eggs 

Eggs are full of amino acids and vitamins that are good for your dog. In addition, crushing the eggshells and then feeding them to your pet, will strengthen their bones and improve their teeth.

However, even though our food can be healthy for them, you shouldn’t dish it out too often. Also, you shouldn’t feed them raw eggs since it can cause a biotin deficiency.

4. Salmon

Even though it may seem like a  fancy snack to give your dog, specialists agree that feeding them salmon at least twice a week could be beneficial for their health condition. NEVER serve it uncooked or seasoned cause it can turn out to be bad for their health.

If salmon sounds too expensive for you, tuna, herring, or fish oil are equally good for them. For dogs allergic to meats, this can be a good substitute.

If you do decide to feed them salmon, it should only be given in small amounts…and be careful with the bones!

 5. Yogurt

Dairy products are good in general for your pooch and the yogurt is helpful during the hot season to keep your dog cool. They contain probiotics and they aid in digestion, fight bacteria and infections, and provide several vitamins and minerals.

If your pup has been sick lately or has been fighting diarrhea, then you should consider giving them some yogurt (after talking to your vet first, of course).

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