California Sea Lion

This (apparently) cute creature lives in the western coast of North America. California Sea Lions weigh about 700 pounds (320 kg) and they definitely need plenty of food to support themselves. They are extremely teritorrial and wouldn’t think twice before killing anyone who crosses their land. In fact, sea lion attacks are more prevalent in this region than shark attacks!

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  1. How does one tell a “Killer Coyote” from the regular kind? We live in a real nature lover’s paradise with deer, coyotes, bear, fox, you name it. We run into coyotes on the path when walking quite a bit (I carry a stunner and no animal likes the electric sound it makes fortunately) so how can we tell the “killer” type?

  2. Goodness! I love owls but will definitely watch out! Our little rescue Bo weighs only about 30 lbs! We have these majestic [and beautiful] owls in the area also, but I guess he still weighs too much to be swept away by one!

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