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1. Horses sleep standing up

Did you know that horses can actually sleep standing up? Of course, they sleep laying down too, but only for short periods of time. Their sleeping habits are similar to those of giraffes and elephants. They naturally developed this sleeping routine because sleeping while lying down can be dangerous, making them vulnerable to predators. They are able to sleep standing up through a process called ‘stay apparatus’ which allows them to lock the knee joints. This process allows them to sleep and relax without falling.

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2. Horses can’t burp

Many people didn’t know this before, but horses can’t burp, vomit or breath through their mouths (just like you do). The explanation is that their digestive system is built differently than other mammals that have this reflex.


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3. A horse’s teeth will tell you how old they are

Of course, you can’t tell exactly how old a horse is, but you can estimate its age just by looking at their teeth. As they age, their teeth begin to deteriorate. So, if you have horses as pets, it is important to take care of their dental hygiene, otherwise, they risk developing severe complications.


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4. Horses can live up to thirty years

One of the most common questions about horses is “what’s the lifespan of a horse?”, well, according to animal experts, horses can live longer than other domestic pets, such as dogs and cats. That being said, many horses can live for more than thirty years. Just like any other creature, if they receive a good diet, care and regular veterinary check ups, their lifespan will increase.


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5. The American quarter horse is the most popular breed in the world

The American quarter horse is really good at sprinting short distances, making it the world’s most popular breed. Animal experts say that this horse breed is also known as a race horse as well as a working ranch horse, for horse shows and for its rodeos performance.

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