These Unique Marine Iguanas Need Protection

The world’s only sea-going lizards, marine iguanas are endemic to the Galapagos Islands and found on all 13 of the major islands, with...

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First Human Encounter With Extremely Rare Whales

The year 2016 was remarkable for British great whale records, including a blue whale photographed just outside UK waters, and the sad...

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Cheetahs - Growing Up Fast: Natural World

Cheetahs Are Fast-Tracking To Extinction

The global wild population of the world’s fastest land animal may be as low as 7,000 individuals, new research has concluded. Scientists...

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Red Squirrels Come Back After Winter

Red squirrels – like their grey relatives – don’t hibernate, though they’re less active in harsh weather. These are...

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This Story Will Make You Love Worms

On a dear, crisp afternoon the sun casts dappled shadows on the leafy wildlife garden outside London’s Natural History Museum where Emma...

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This Rarest Bear In The World Will Conquer Your Soul

Unknown to most outside of Italy, the Marsican Brown Bear is on the brink of extinction and it is listed as Critically Endangered on the...

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Feed The Dolphins

Conditioning dolphins to humans is an effective way for people to encounter a wild cetacean up close, but it’s not so good for the...

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Manta Rays Are The Deepest Dark Secret In The Sea

Giant manta rays are usually portrayed gliding elegantly through sunbeams filtering through shimmering surface waters. But new research...

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If Monkeys Could Talk, What Would Stop Them?

It’s something of a tragedy that we cannot converse with our primate cousins. With so much in common, there would surely be plenty to...

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Is Bombylius Major A Bee Or A Fly?

Is it a bee? Is it a fly? Bombylius major causes confusion, and even alarm, when it’s spotted in gardens at this time of year. Its...

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