British Butterflies Now Threatened By Parasites

These recognisable insects are one of the UK’s most widespread butterflies, appearing across the British Isles. Despite its cheerful...

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The Elusive American Butterflies And Their Unique Habitat

These striking brown and yellow butterflies can only be found in Florida Keys. They reside in a rare type of forest called tropical...

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Reborn From The Ashes: The Adonis Blue Butterflies

Named after a greek god of beauty and desire, it’s easy to see how the Adonis blue got its title. Both the vibrant blue males and...

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Destroying Habitats May Lead To Californian Butterflies Extinction

These butterflies boast a striking orange and tan colouration; a sun-kissed look that matches perfectly with their home in northern...

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Incredible Butterfly Conservation: The High Brown Fritillary

If you need a reminder of how important conservation efforts are for the survival of animals, look no further than the high brown...

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The Butterfly Effect

Whether they’re hovering in the sky or perching on plants, butterflies are an important reminder of Earth’s beauty. Saving these...

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Drunk Monkeys Just Conquered An Island

In St Kitts be sure to look after your drink, as these rascals may swipe it when you’re not looking. The picturesque Caribbean island...

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Chimpanzees Can Make Prank Calls

At a Scottish safari park, keepers were plagued by repeat nuisance calls for three days. They picked up only to hear heavy breathing.

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Orangutans Play With Computers

In some zoos, keepers have been keeping the orangutans entertained by supplying them with tablet computers. The apes are allowed to play...

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A Gorilla That Could Communicate In Sign Language

  It was claimed that Koko the gorilla could use more than 1,000 signs to communicate in Gorilla Sign Language.

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