Discover The Emperor Penguins Breeding Colony

Emperor penguins are not like other penguins. They’re not like other birds. They are not quite like most other living things on the...

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Now You Can Swim With Sealions And It’s Amazing

As Galapagos species go, the Galapagos sealion isn’t special. It’s not endemic (they also live off the coast of Ecuador), and there are...

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Howling Howler Monkeys: Unique Looks And Wilderness

For an animal the size of a small dog and weighing about 7kg, the howler monkey is incredibly noisy. Its guttural roar (in truth, if s...

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The Wildebeest Migration

There are other great migrations in Africa. In Botswana, thousands of plains zebras travel 1,000km – the longest terrestrial journey...

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Komodo Dragons: The Largest Lizards

“There’s one looking straight at me,” remarks Stephen, “and I have to say, it’s one of the most malevolent expressions I’ve...

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Discover The Brown Bear’s Diet With Salmon

In some parts of Alaska, the sockeye salmon is easily the most important component of a brown bear’s diet, contributing to between 60-80...

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Did You Know Water Boatmen Swim Upside-Down?

Water beetles and boatmen are aquatic insects, yet still obtain oxygen by breathing air via holes (tracheae) along the sides of their...

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Are There Any Butterfly Parasites?

No butterflies have truly parasitic life histories. However, contrary to the received wisdom that all caterpillars eat leaves, some species...

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Meet The Crab That Loves Corals

This long-limbed, golden-locked creature should surely be brachiating its way through the canopy of the Sumatran jungle. But this is an...

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If Animals Grew, Would Their Skeleton Change?

Yes. Scientists have recently discovered that the European eel literally loses its skeletal framework during its lifetime, demonstrating an...

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