New Research Proves That Fish Have Feelings

New research has removed a significant obstacle to the theory that fish are conscious, emotional creatures. A key argument against fish...

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Reptiles Are Under Threat Because Of Humans

Why have you been feeding toxic cane toads to rare reptiles? Introduced cane toads have decimated populations of goannas – Australian...

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How Petunia Trio Adapt To Any Conditions

Some plants might be more resilient to shifts in pollinator availability than we thought. A study of three South American petunias reveals...

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The Devastating Effects Of Algae On Marine Life

A new study of California sealions poisoned by a deadly natural neurotoxin suggests that algal blooms might be a major cause of marine...

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How Nature Around Us Flourishes In Spring

“A seed is so small, where do you suppose/It stores up all of the things it knows?” This line from Aileen Fisher’s The Seed...

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Early Pollinators: What Insects To Look After In Spring

Drone-fly Eristalis Tenax Hoverfly with a very long flight season, from March to November. A honeybee mimic, abundant along hedgerows and...

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Why Do Toads Migrate Too In Spring?

As cold-blooded animals, common toads need to spend the British winter somewhere frost-free and not too wet, often under a stone, log or...

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Latest Animal Fun Facts Discovered

The upkeep of uplands has become a contentious issue, but there’s welcome news from the Peak District’s Eastern Moors Partnership where...

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How Did The Quinkana Disappear Anyway?

Date: Unknown Location: Queensland, Australia Quinkana share their name with mythical spirits called quinkans, which appear in aboriginal...

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This Must Be One Of The Most Mysterious Creatures Ever

Australia is renowned for being home to several species that evolved unusual variations on ecological traits we see in animals elsewhere....

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