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This Is What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

Lip licks This behaviour is supposed to appease a person or perceived threat. The dog tries to show it’s not a threat and wants to be...

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How The Dog Language Changed Over The Years

Once deadly hunters that ran wild in woods, modern-day dogs have lost much of their silent communication. It is believed that dog...

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How Animals Use Body Language To Communicate

It’s hard to learn a language, even if you’re surrounded by others that speak it fluently. So when it comes to understanding...

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Portuguese Man Of War: Dangers Hiding Deep In The Sea

Although they may look like a jellyfish at first glance, Portuguese man of war – or blue bottles – are in fact a distant...

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This Is How The Sting Of A Jellyfish Works

Capsule Each nematocyst contains a shot of venom comprised of proteins that can enter and damage cells, and a range of neurotoxins. The...

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Mauve Stingers Are The Med’s Most Wanted

Outside tropical waters, one of the biggest offenders is the mauve stinger. It is particularly prevalent in the summer months around the...

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Moon Jellyfish Are Prolific But Harmless

Moon jellies are some of the most successful jellyfish on the planet. These members of the Aurelia family have adapted to a wide range of...

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The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish Is More Dangerous Dead Than Alive

Often in the ocean, the giants are gentler than their smaller kin, and to some extent that holds true with the world’s largest jellyfish....

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The Microscopic Irukandji Can Kill You Faster Than Many Other Animals

At the other end of the scale to the lion’s mane is this little, critter. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive dimensions though; this...

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Box Jellyfish Kill More People Than Sharks

You don’t get much deadlier than box jellyfish. In fact, they’re widely deemed the most venomous creatures in all the Earth’s...

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