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Meet The Manta Ray

Cruising both the open oceans and the sunlit tropical shallows, a manta ray cuts a pretty imposing silhouette in the water. With undulating...

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Tree Kangaroos: The Cousins Of Kangaroos From Above

Native to the rainforests of Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, tree kangaroos diverged from their ground-dwelling cousins on the...

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Peregrine – The World’s Fastest Bird

Found on all of the world’s continents apart from Antarctica, the peregrine falcon is one of the most numerous birds of prey out...

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The Genet: Europe’s Mysterious Fierce Carnivore

As I crouched in front of a tree trunk on the edge of a Spanish woodland, miles from the nearest urban street light, questions whirled...

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The Spectacular Return Of Sea Otters Along The West Coast Of North America

For the past 30 years, Jane Watson has witnessed one of the most extraordinary underwater transformations. Year after year, on the west...

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The Peregrine Breeding Season

NEST DEFENCE – Adult birds compete for nest sites, which can be in short supply in urban areas as the number of peregrines increases....

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Fascinating Facts About Peregrines

A fine mist rolls in from Lake Michigan. It is a grey morning in Chicago in spring 2015, and 28 floors up Dacey Arashiba is groggily...

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Gila Monster – The Most Dangerous Lizards In The US

Hear of the Gila monster? These lizards are the biggest in the US and possess venomous saliva. They also claim an unusual ability to eat as...

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Sea Anemones

Native to the Caribbean, the sun anemone uses stinging cells in its tentacles to deliver venom to its prey, stunning small fish and other...

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Spiders, Scorpions And Centipedes

Scorpion venom could be medically useful as a way of marking up brain tumour cells for surgery, as it’s tough for surgeons to identify...

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