3. Egyptian Cobra – (Naja haje)

The Egyptian Cobra is the most common cobra in Africa and is responsible for many deaths there. The average adult cobra can reach 2m in length and its average venom quantity reaches 175 to 200 mg in just one bite. This is the third most toxic venom of any cobra after Naja philippinensis and the Cape Cobra. Although, this snake is considered more dangerous than Cape Cobra, because is much larger and more aggressive.

Venom: 6

Fatalities: 8

Personality: 10

Aggressiveness: 7

Total: 31/40

4.The Mozambique Spitting Cobra

It is native to Africa and its color is slate to olive grey, olive or tawny brown above and has some black scales. After the Mamba, the Mozambique Spitting Cobra also known as Naja mossambica it is the most dangerous snake in Africa. Its venom can be ejected at 3 meters and has a remarkable accuracy. Despite its aggressive behavior, the spitting cobra doesn’t bite so often.

Venom: 7

Fatalities: 5

Personality: 5

Aggressiveness: 10

Total: 27/40

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