Discover the Wild Life of Jumping Spiders
Spiders have a bad reputation, but jumping spiders don't deserve all the scorn that's heaped on the Araneae order. Neither[...]
This Is How to Protect Your Pet from Ticks This Season
Particularly in the warmer months, everyone wants to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. But be sure to take[...]
Find Out the Amazing Lifestyle of Wombats
Wombats are marsupials found only in Australia, but the short, stubby-legged animals are rarely held in the same regard as[...]
These Bizarre Facts About Moths Will Impress You
We usually think of moths as these drab brown or gray winged creatures that batter themselves against the front porch[...]
10 Dog Breeds That Make Perfect Friends for Cats
If you've been under the impression that cats and dogs are living in this world as mortal enemies, you couldn't[...]
10 Common Plants That Can Threaten the Health of Your Cat
When it comes to human babies, we go to great lengths to safeguard our homes, making it completely baby-proof. And[...]
Interesting Things About Black Footed Ferret
Black footed ferrets measure between 38 and 41cm (15-16in) body length. Their tail contributes another 11-13cm to their length. They[...]
Explore the Intriguing Lifestyle of Brush Tailed Bettong
The dense, long fur covering the body of a brush tailed bettong is grey brown on its back. On the[...]
Amazing Facts About Cotton Top Tamarin
Cotton top tamarins are easily recognizable due to the mane of white hair around their head which comes to a[...]
Amazing Facts About Gharials That Will Impress You
They are most noticeable as a result of their elongated snout which in males develops a spherical growth on the[...]
Jackson’s Chameleon: This Is One of the Most Beautiful Reptiles
Male Jackson’s chameleons are most noticeable due to the brown horns which protrude from the face. One emerges from the[...]
Discover an Impressive Side of Chameleons
All Chameleons have feet that are like clamps. On their front feet, two toes are fused on the outside and[...]
California Condor: a Long and Interesting Life
The body of the California condor is black except for a triangle of white on the underside of the wing.[...]
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