How Much Do Wild Cats Resemble The Domestic Ones?


Deserts of the Middle East and Africa are still home to the ancestor of all domesticated housecats: the African wildcat, also sometimes called the Near Eastern wildcat. This cat looks rather like a beefier version of your average urban tabby, but while it may resemble a familiarly cute kitty, its attitude is anything but friendly. This cat is a solitary feline and a formidable hunter with razor sharp teeth and claws, and super-sharp reflexes to boot.


Although wild cats are definitely braver than their domestic cousins, their main features remain the same.

These animals live in shrub and grassland, often taking advantage of the perks of living near human settlements. They hunt mostly at night for rodents, birds and reptiles. Subspecies of this cat are also present throughout the world. The European wildcat roams throughout continental Europe, and there is also a small population in Scotland. While the wildcat population is healthy, the principle threat to this species is interbreeding with feral domesticated cats.

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