10 Dog Breeds That Love Water

Photo by everydoghasastory from shutterstock.com

…Have you ever played with your beloved pooch in the water?

There are dogs who absolutely adore being adventurous in the water, while others prefer to stay away from it. Some people refer to the first category as “water dogs” and that means dog breeds that have been bred to bring back water-bound games, such as geese and ducks.

Nowadays, water dogs actually mean any dog breed which is known for having fun while they’re in the water. Why do pups actually love water, you might ask?

Because it’s a great way to keep cool when it’s hot outside. Some of them are curious and playful, it’s good for hygiene, it’s a way of bonding with their favorite humans, and it’s simply fun!

Want to know if your pooch is a water dog? Click on the next page to find out! Here are 10 dog breeds that love water.

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