Gnus are herbivores, which means that they have a plant based diet. Their diet consists mainly of tree leaves, grass, ferns, fruits, and fungi. They’re very noisy animals. They make loud moans or explosive snorts. When they suspect danger, they make groaning calls and flee as a group, creating a massive stampede.

Their mating season is called a “rut” and it takes place between April and July. The male gnus attract the female gnus by setting up a temporary territory during the mating season.

Gnu calves are born at the onset of monsoon, which generally lasts for two or three weeks in February and March. During one mating season, up to 500,000 calves are born. Blue wildebeest calves are born with a tawny brown color.

Calves suffer from high mortality rates. It’s only through their natural strength and having an experienced mother can the calf have any hope of surviving. Calves not born during peak mating season often have even less of a chance of survival. Gnu calves follower their mothers right after birth. At most, they’ll take 3 to 7 minutes after birth to get oriented and begin walking on their own.

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