The Chameleon is an omnivore which means that they eat both plants and animals. Most Chameleons eat things like berries, leaves, fruits, insects, worms and snails. Some of the larger Chameleon species will hunt small reptiles and birds.

Chameleons are mostly found on the mainland of Africa and the island of Madagascar, with a few species found in North Africa, Southern India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East and Southern Europe. They inhabit all types of rainforests, savanna, semidesert and steppe.

Most species are arboreal and are usually found in trees and bushes, however there are some species that live in low vegetation on the ground.

Most Chameleons are oviporous (animals that lay eggs) but some are ovoviviparous (animals that the embryos develop inside eggs that are kept in the mothers body until they are ready to hatch. The female Chameleon lays eggs about 3-6 weeks after mating and she will dig a hole between 10-30cm (4-12in) deep depending on the species in which to lay the eggs.

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