They have matching incisors for chewing the strong, high fibre grasses which are easily digested due to their single stomach and hind-gut fermentation. They are very courageous animals and are not afraid to confront predators. Zebras also have a powerful kick which can cause serious injury to a predator such as a lion, hyena or African wild dog.

Each group of zebra have their own home range. The adult zebras are usually non-related as both female and male zebra leave their natal origin. Within each family group, the stallion will have mating rights to his mares.

The mares within the family group become associated for life. When the mares produce foals, they have added protection from the stallion who is always ready to defend his mates and offspring.

While migrating, the group hierarchy will stay in this order and walk in single file for many miles. The stallions will either lead or follow at the rear of the herd. This is so they can protect the mares and foals from predators.

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