Kissing Gourami is a silver-peach colored tropical fish with bigger, larger lips than a regular Gourami. This fish uses its “kisses” for…fighting other males!

Kissing Gourami

The Western Rainbowfish boasts huge black eyes, a deeply forked mouth and not one, but two dorsal fins. It’s got black (or sometimes silver) bands all across its scales and the fellas display their brightest colors when they’re “flirting” with the ladies.

The Siamese Fighter/Betta is a pretty small breed with a pretty complex color scheme despite the modest size. The longish fins are colored in red and the head is covered in a dark color, while the body is covered in a lighter shade. During mating, the male and female spiral and circle around each other making from 10 to 45 eggs each time they “make love” – until all the eggs are released.

Siamese Fighter

The Golden Julie is yet another awesome tropical fish that’s 3 inches long and has a yellow body with horizontal black stripes all over it. This fish takes its personal space very seriously and is ready to fight its own family over it.

The Panda Loach is the most expensive tropical fish out there and usually costs as much as 150 American dollars! The Clown Loach, on the other hand, is very weak and gets sick a lot.

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