Abandoned Puppy Was Scared She Hid Behind A Trash Can All Night

On a cold night in February, while it was pouring rain, Halo was taken to the Santa Maria Animal Center in California around 10 p.m., after the shelter had already closed — and abandoned outside of it. The small, scared dog had no idea where she was or what to do, and in order to take shelter from the rain and the scary world, she hid behind a nearby trash can and stayed there.

“The shelter is closed at that time and she stayed out there all night, while it was pouring rain, until she was found the next morning,” Stacy Silva, community outreach coordinator for Santa Barbara County Animal Services, told The Dodo.

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1 thought on “Abandoned Puppy Was Scared She Hid Behind A Trash Can All Night”

  1. What ever happened to the Abandoned puppy, the one that hid behind the trash can?

    What happened to the Tiny Puppy that was smiling after he was rescued I think that there both so cutt can you tell me what happened to them?

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