9 Tips To Trick Your Pet Into Taking Their Meds

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Every once in a while your pet gets sick and you have to take them to a vet. And the doctor is prescribing them some medication.

This can be every pet owner’s nightmare because most pets are reluctant in taking any kind of meds and it can become a pain in the neck for you.

But we’ve came up with some pretty smart ideas to trick your pet into taking them.

1. Cover The Treat In A Small Amount Of Honey

If the vet prescribed your pet pills, cover the pill in some honey and then give it to them. They won’t even realize that they took the meds.

If, however, your pet is not allowed to ingest any sugars you may want to try out another option.

2. Or Try It With Some Sugar

If you don’t have any honey then sugar works as well. Smash the pill until it turns into powder or small pieces, and then put it in a spoon full of sugar.

However, don’t forget that if they are not allowed any sugars at all don’t this it may be bad for them.

3. Try To Put It In Smelly Food

Feed them some foods with a strong smell or with a wet texture and their noses won’t sense a thing. You can also smash it and put it in their foods and then add some fish oil which they just LOVE!

4. Put It On Their Noses

This trick is actually pretty smart. Smash the pill, mix with a small amount of honey (in case it’s a powder or liquid add it as it is with the honey) and then put the mix on their noses. They will have the natural tendency to lick it off.

And that’s how they get their pills.

5. Everybody Gets A Treat

This works if you have more dogs in your house. Take some treats, give the others the treats and to the dog that needs the medicine, give them a treat and a pill altogether.

If you don’t have a treat pod now is your chance to get one: Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats.

6. Turn This Into A Game 

Try and place the pill in one treat. Then take some more treats and start playing with your dog a tossing game. They will get so excited into playing this that they won’t even mind the pill.

7. Use A Capsule To Place The Medication In There

Sometimes your pet is rejecting or spitting the pill because of its bitter taste. However, if you put in one of those special capsules they will take it just fine.

8. You Can Put It On Their Paws As Well

It’s the same case as it was for the nose situation. You can even try mixing the meds with peanut butter.

9. Walks Are A Good Distraction

Take your beloved pet for a walk and in the middle of your quality time, give him a  treat  in which the pill is hidden.

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