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Pyrenean Shepherd

The Shepherd breed of the Pyrenees is native to Central Asia and Siberia and is a descendant of the Kuvasz, Maremma and St. Bernard. Until the Middle Ages, this dog was specific to mountain areas in Europe, later becoming the favorite dog of the noble families.

This dog breed was trained and raised especially for guiding and guarding the flocks of sheep and even for guarding the houses.

The Pyrenean Shepherd is a large dog, with an imposing, elegant and athletic appearance. It has a tall and strong body, wide and deep chest, straight and wide back, and medium-sized neck.

It has a calm, docile and friendly temperament and it is also a very intelligent dog. Shyness, aggressiveness or nervousness are not characteristics of this dog.

Nevertheless, it is recommended for this dog to be socialized as little as possible. Pyrenean Shepherd is very affectionate and attentive to the owners and, when the situation calls for it, it is also very serious.

Brave and devoted to its family, it is truly man’s best friend. This dog is also ideal for assisted therapies, in hospitals, at the orphanages or in elderly homes.

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