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Norwegian Lundehund

As the name suggests, this small breed hails from the rocky island of Vaeroy in Norway.

It is a very old breed and it was used to hunt the penguins’ nests on the rocks. An epidemic of canine plague in 1940 killed almost all the specimens, but with the effort of the lovers of this breed, they were able to revitalize the breed.

The Norwegian Lundehunds have six fingers and eight cushions compared to five fingers and six cushions as other dogs have that allow them to catch the rocks better. They have a clavicle like humans, which allows them to stretch their front legs in the side and can bend their heads on the back.

This dog breed is a lively, cheerful, intelligent, brave, independent dog, sometimes dominant, quite cunning and barks a little. It is devoted to the family but cautious with strangers. It can get along very well with other dogs, but it should be socialized as a baby with other animals in the house because its hunting instincts are quite strong.

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