9 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy Owners

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The truth is that all dog breeds need special maintenance, care and emotional support and you should take these factors into consideration when you decide to adopt a pet. But one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind when adopting a pet is your time and lifestyle because there are some breeds that need more than your love and affection.

For instance, the Australian Shepherd is an energetic and intelligent breed that needs constant games to train its mind and consume its energy. Thus, if you have a lot of affection to offer, but you do not have enough time to train it daily then this dog breed may not be the best option for you or for them.

Therefore, here is a list of some low-maintenance dogs that do not need extra care, exercise and do not have special needs. These dog breeds are independent and all they need is your love. But if you want to introduce an animal to your family, you have to train it a bit until it is comfortable.

According to  Bernadine Cruz, DVM, an associate veterinarian at Laguna Hills Animal Hospital in California, “Nurture and not nature tends to impact a dog’s personality and ‘laid-backness’. This is a long-term, healthy human/animal bond. To do it correctly, you can’t expect that you can only interact with your dog on your time.”

So, read on for more info!

14 thoughts on “9 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy Owners”

  1. Most Spaniels are not low maintenance. I have an English Cocker Spaniel that is a field bred dog – he’s my quail hunting buddy. He’s an attention whore, enthusiastically and energetically greets strangers to the point of jumping on them if I allow it. He’s killer in the field because he is bird crazy and can focus on the task at hand. At home he’s a powerhouse of energy. He needs frequent grooming, especially his ears.

    Hunting spaniels are NOT a thing of the past, they are the only ones worth having. Even bench bred dogs have some prey drive that comes out on even casual walks.

  2. You forgot to add the sweetest of them all, a little beagle. I’ve had so many different breeds ( I’m going on 60 ).3 Poodles, 2 Cockers, mixes, a border collie ( incredible smart and sweet ), golden retriever, 2 pit bulls ( just goofy and yes, gentle),a Morkie,springer spaniel ( not a good dog for children ),Labrador retrievers, and the wonderful beagle( sweetest and most gentle of them all).

    1. I had a Springer Spaniel as a very young child who would watch over me as I wandered apple orchards, wherever, he was so loyal and gentle. So I disagree with the notion this breed isn’t good for kids.

    2. When I was very young our Springer Spaniel would be at my side as I wandered and slept in apple orchards, wherever, he was so loyal and gentle. So I disagree with the notion the breed isn’t good with kids.

  3. Love the poodles, have been an owner/parent of black poodles since 1967, first time for the past 10 years to have 2. Absolutely the best in my life, make my life so good.
    Poodle Mom

  4. Good choices and descriptions. I would like to ad 2 more:
    !) Bernese Mountain Dog. The essence of the working dog, and
    2) Mutt. Can be the best of all, but you need to choose carefully. Each one is unique.

  5. I Had two Papillions puppies that I just loved. Would love to get another one. Unfortunately one of our pups got into a fight with an older neighbor dog and lost and we had to have him put down. The other was stolen from our home. My dogs were lovable and sweet miss them both very much.

  6. Great Pyrenees, best dog ever!! We have 2 GP pups that are 18 weeks old tomorrow. We are training them to become our sheep guardians. They are very intelligent and independent. They are already showing great protection for my husband, myself and the sheep. When these are grown and living with the sheep full time, we will get 2 more pups. Most amazing breed. I can’t imagine life without them.

    1. we rescued a Great Pyrenees once. She was the most beautiful, sweet, protective dog I have ever seen. If I wasn’t so old, I’d get another one but I’m afraid the dog would outlive me.

      1. Thank you for rescuing your GP and loving her. So many people get them and don’t realize how big they will get and then get rid of them. I could never turn my back on my pups. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and God bless you! You are a wonderful man.

  7. Pomeranian’s are Best and cutest Dogs! My mutt is a real chick magnet!!!
    Pom’s and Pomskys are among the cutest Dogs ever!
    Can’t help but love the Red Panda & the Foxes but too wild for a pet?
    Animals love for each other is simply unbelievable? A mothers love of a baby
    regardless of their Species is unreal!!

  8. I have 2 Pugs. They are intelligent and easy to care for. They will sleep all day if you let them,are great with children and their main objective in life seems to be just to give love to their owners. This is the 3rd pair of pugs I’ve owned. I get rescues, they’re a little older usually trained and very receptive to attention.

    1. Pugs are my favorite dog. Mugsy lived for 17 years and Tina for 11 years. adopted Tina when she was 4 1/2. She had cancer and passed away 4 years ago. I miss them every day. Good luck with your pugs.

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