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Letting dogs meet face-to-face

Letting your dog meeting new friends face to face could be dangerous for both you and him. 

“It takes only a second for a bite to the face to occur if one of the dogs decides they are not a fan of the other, and even those of us with the best reflexes cannot stop this blink-of-an-eye injury from happening,” said Zacharias. 

If you want to do this, you have to know better your dog and how it interacts with other new animals and the other owner should know the personality of his dog as well. 

“If the owner gives their OK, guide your pet to the new dog’s tail end to let them get to know each other before meeting face to face. This is a natural way for dogs to meet, rather than going nose to nose, which can be offensive to pets,” said Zacharias.

You have to consider the nonverbal behavior first, namely if you see your dog’s ears that go back or that their fur is lifted you should keep away your dog from the other animal.

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