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Adopting a pet without being able to take care of it

Having a pet involves many things, such as time, love, dedication and money. Before getting a pet you have to take into consideration the financial requirements because they need visits and regular medical check-ups, pet insurances or certain types of food. 

Reddit user and vet kahell said that “if you cannot afford basic veterinary care then you cannot afford a pet.” 

He also explained that “We are routinely presented with cases that could have been avoidable if you’d practiced the suggested preventative care, or brought your pet in for evaluation once the symptoms started rather than waiting 6 weeks until the animal is beyond help.”

Unfortunately, there are many people who decide to abandon their innocent and helpless pets or euthanize them because they do not have enough money for paying the medical check-ups. 

“Pets have bodies that fail in similar ways as people’s do – their teeth rot, their bones can break, they can get cancer. They get injured unexpectedly, just like we can. Fixing these illnesses and injuries is often possible, but it costs money,” veterinarians TheFeralBookworm explained on Reddit.

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