8 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

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Many pet owners tend to adopt cats because they are some of the smartest animals out there. So, we also agree with this and recommend that you adopt a feline if you want an intelligent companion. Depending on the breed, some require higher maintenance costs than others, and some prefer certain activities that stimulate their brain functions more than others, but overall they all have the ability to understand things. Yet, it is quite difficult to choose a cat as a pet, given that they are all clever and adorable, but some stand out more than others from this point of view.

The difference between dogs and cats is that dogs are much more obedient than cats. “Unlike dogs, many cats are not likely to ‘live to please’ their owners. Cats generally only cooperate when they want to —more intelligent cats do tend to display more problem solving characteristics such as finding things,” says Dr. Gary Richter, DVM, founder of Ultimate Pet Nutrition. For instance, cats can recognize their name as well, but they prefer to respond whenever they want. 

There are a lot of intelligent cat breeds, but they are also very expensive if you want to buy from a breeder. Instead, you should visit an animal shelter as well, because there are a lot of purebred animals that are waiting for someone to save their life. “Visit with as many cats or kittens you’d like before deciding which cat to adopt,” Arndt says. “This will allow you to find the cat that will best fit in with your family and household.”

“Some of these breeds are better problem solvers, some are better athletes, and others just like to ‘hang out,'” Richter says. “People looking for a smarter cat should also consider that smarter animals tend to be the most mischievous as well.”

So, here are the most intelligent cat breeds, according to experts! Read on for more info!

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14 thoughts on “8 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds”

  1. I found it interesting… I had wonderful Maine coon andnow have two wonderful longer haired rag dolls than you show. I’m really surprised not to see their intelligence and vocalism mentioned . They are also blue eyed and meet me at the door. And come when called – love them so much

    1. I also have rag doll rescued while a visit at the beach and and Maine coon that I saved from work. They are so smart I think they came also talk to me, lol.

    2. I agree; I had a Maine Coon cat and he was highly intelligent: could fetch, do a lampshade trick when asked (would go to a lamp and put his head up through the lampshade), came when he was called, just learned and cooperated so easily. He was more like a dog.

  2. I owned two Siamese and I can say they are perfect for companionship. The description above is very accurate. Above all they are very intelligent and very very talkative. My two Siamese were brother and sister, kept each other entertained and lived 19 years in relatively good health the entire time.

  3. I have an Egyptian Mau. She is the most intelligent cat I’ve ever seen. She is very well trained which was fairly simple, thank goodness. She doesn’t like to be held but she wants to be around us . She is very opinionated and really strives to get her point across. I’ve seen her reason out many things and figure out her own solutions.

  4. You forgot to mention Egyptian Maus, perhaps because they are few in numbers. I bred and showed them for over 15 years. They are extremely intelligent, very intuitive to their owner’s moods. Dog like in their devotion to family and one of the two breeds that were used in early development of the Bengal. The Egyptian Mau are 1st cousin to the Abyssinian, both a variation of the wild desert cat found in Egypt. The Abby was bred to randomize the multiple layers of color in each strand of fur, the Mau bred to enhance the Spotted Tabby Pattern. The Mau understands your needs and will sit and watch you read or use the Computer instead of constantly climbing on the keys to get your undivided attention. They act shy around strangers and give all their hugs and kisses to the hand that feeds them. Great friends!

  5. I have a domestic shorthair. In Nov 2016 my late husband found her under a dumpster. She had been here ever since. She is a beautiful pure black cat. I am mom to her. She cries when I go outside and she likes to find a window so she can see. she sleeps next to me and she is a sweetheart. She is very intelligent more so than my other cat. She flips her water bowl when she needs fresh water and knows how to open CERTAIN doors. I think my opinion cats are more I independent and dont need us. They chose to be with us.

  6. Celeste A Voegelin

    I have a Russian Blue that sits, shakes hands, lays down, rolls over, sits up, stands up, does “high five”, jumps up, gets down all on command!
    We adopted him as about a 6 month old kitten. We have a clumber spaniel mix who does a lot of tricks every morning and Smokey watched him and I quickly realized he could be trainable. Russian Blues act more like dogs, following you around, etc. I had another Russian Blue who adopted me for 16 1/2 years and never thought to train him but he would follow me on walks through the woods and patted me on the cheek, etc.

  7. Luv the Russian Blue article. We’ve been lucky with rescued cats. Current cat also followed me around woods, would lie under a hedge and watch everything, even birds but she would never go after them. She also is very sweet, paws my face at nite and in AM if she wants food. Silly us, we have a small container in bed for her!

  8. I had a part silver tip persian cat for 18 years. She was real sweet. Soon after she died, I rescued a Himilayan. She was beautiful but not very loving. She did funny things. After she died at 16, I got a beautiful Persian with a mustache from a cat breeder who was going out of business. . He was a lover boy and always liked to be near me. He would follow me around the house and always saw me to bed and shower. He was my favorite but only lived to 9 years old. 2 weeks later I rescued a tuxedo cat who is real cute, smart and follows me around the house. She always comes in at night and sleeps at the bottom of the bed. She likes to eat all the time but is picky. She’s a good little friend.

  9. I am a cat lover, period. I have a tuxie, a short hair domestic and think that she is extremely intelligent. She has always been easy to train and communicates her needs to me. Agreed, I have a short list of her needs, but what she does is meow if what I mentioned is what she wants and stays quiet if she doesn’t. At first I thought that these responses were accidental, but they weren’t. I have many examples of her apparent intelligence.

  10. There are many breeds of cats and each has their unique personality and intelligence. I’ve been bless to had rescued cats, barn cats, indoor cats, outdoor cats. Long hair, short hair, pedigrees. I have had Persian, Himalayan, Turkish angora, Siamese to name a few. Each had his or her own unique gift to give to their human family. Our current Himalayan attached herself to my husband. He has a heart condition. If he is having a problem at night, she will kiss me, take her paw and touch me and finally if I do not wake up jump on me and look into my eyes. I know he is having a situation. She has been doing this for five years. She is a little over six years old and is definitely his guardian angel. Enjoy your kitty pets everyone. They provide love and joy to all. They never complain unless the food is late.

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