8 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

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Many pet owners tend to adopt cats because they are some of the smartest animals out there. So, we also agree with this and recommend that you adopt a feline if you want an intelligent companion. Depending on the breed, some require higher maintenance costs than others, and some prefer certain activities that stimulate their brain functions more than others, but overall they all have the ability to understand things. Yet, it is quite difficult to choose a cat as a pet, given that they are all clever and adorable, but some stand out more than others from this point of view.

The difference between dogs and cats is that dogs are much more obedient than cats. “Unlike dogs, many cats are not likely to ‘live to please’ their owners. Cats generally only cooperate when they want to —more intelligent cats do tend to display more problem solving characteristics such as finding things,” says Dr. Gary Richter, DVM, founder of Ultimate Pet Nutrition. For instance, cats can recognize their name as well, but they prefer to respond whenever they want. 

There are a lot of intelligent cat breeds, but they are also very expensive if you want to buy from a breeder. Instead, you should visit an animal shelter as well, because there are a lot of purebred animals that are waiting for someone to save their life. “Visit with as many cats or kittens you’d like before deciding which cat to adopt,” Arndt says. “This will allow you to find the cat that will best fit in with your family and household.”

“Some of these breeds are better problem solvers, some are better athletes, and others just like to ‘hang out,'” Richter says. “People looking for a smarter cat should also consider that smarter animals tend to be the most mischievous as well.”

So, here are the most intelligent cat breeds, according to experts! Read on for more info!

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