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5. Pug 

Pugs are so cute and friendly that it’s almost impossible to think that they won’t get along with cats! They like to lounge around and just be lazy (just like kitties do), so you won’t have to worry that they will chase the poor cat and scare them.

Both Pugs and kitties love attention, so they will more likely play with one another while their favorite humans are out of the house. This dog breed has such a sweet nature that they are completely okay and safe around small animals as well, including guinea pigs.

6. Labrador Retriever 

The cheerful Labrador Retriever loves to cuddle and spend their time with kitties. They are very gentle with animals and people in general, especially with children, and they will make friends with cats in no time.

These pups are not jealous at all, and they don’t have a problem with sharing their space with someone else. However, they have a condition: the cat must be okay with sharing their space with them as well. Otherwise, there’s no equality!

7. Shetland Sheepdog

Even though the Shetland Sheepdog is a member of the Herding Group, they are known for getting along with cats. They’re friendly and smart, and they don’t have a problem living under the same roof as cats.

When they get bored, these pups tend to be noisy so that someone might hear them and give them attention. So having a cat to play with and keep them company might prevent them from getting talkative!

8. Maltese

The Maltese are small pups that will surely be very kind to the cat, especially because they are more preoccupied with being lazy on the couch rather than driving the cat crazy. However, if the cat takes advantage of their easy-going personality, they might get angry, especially if the kitty plays with this pooch’s long hair.

Therefore, you have to make sure that you teach the cat that this pup’s hair is not a toy, and you’ll have no problem with these two cute furballs!

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