8 Animals With Bizarre and Sometimes Terrifying Mating Rituals

Image By CreativeNature_nl From Envato

The act of love making can be exciting, romantic and even produce the odd offspring, but in the animal kingdom it can be bizarre and even terrifying sometimes.

Much like with the human race it’s inevitably the female who gets the short end of the stick. For many species, females also have to protect the eggs until they hatch or carry them inside them until they give birth, as well as having to care for their offspring as the male is off chatting up another potential lover.

But males don’t get it all their way as females can be very picky about who they share their genetic material with and he, in a lot of cases, has to work damn hard to impress her. On the odd occasion, he gets the shorter end of the stick by being killed for his efforts.

So let’s have a look at some of the lengths creatures have to go through to give their family trees a few more branches.


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