8 Amazing Animals That Have Been Into Space

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I think that we can all agree that animals are capable of amazing things and their minds are as smart as ours.

We’ve seen animals joining the police or the army fighting against the bad guys, animals that hold funerals for other animals and species which are capable of creating hybrids. Without a doubt, these creatures are great.

If you’re not convinced, what if we told you that some species even went to space. Yes, you heard that right they’ve even been to space before US!!! Let’s see which ones have traveled far and beyond.

1. Fruit flies (1947)

Fruit flies were the first animals to ever get into outer space. The scientists weren’t sure what impact the radiation would have on humans so they sent flies because of the similarities between us and them.

The missile was sent 109 km into the air (that’s where the space officially begins). The capsule containing the flies was sent back to Earth and the flies made it back alive!

2. Monkeys (1948)

A total of 32 apes were sent into outer space until this day. Many of them sadly passed away during the process because of some technical difficulties which happened along the way.

3. Mice (1950s)

It was discovered that mice adapt very well to microgravity conditions. The first one sent into space reached 137 km, however they died because the parachute didn’t open in time and the capsule was destroyed.

4. Dogs (1950s)

The tale of Laika the dog that was sent by the Soviet Union into space made headlines for quite some time. Dogs were sent into space before her, however she was the first to orbit the Earth.

Sadly, from the beginning, her return wasn’t planned. She died a few hours into her flight, although some believe it was even earlier than that.

5. Tortoises ( 1968)

During the Cold War, it was a brutal competition between Russia and the USA regarding whom will reach the moon first. Russia sent a spaceship with soil seeds, worms and tortoises.

They made a complete circuit of the moon and then returned all alive and well.

6. Frogs (1959)

These were sent into the great unknown in order for scientists to find out how traveling to space is affecting motion sickness.

So, they thought it would be best to implant electrodes in the frogs’ ears to monitor the entire process.

After 6 days, when the frogs were back ‘home’ their vestibular system has returned to normal.

7. Spiders ( 1973)

Even though animals were sent less into space since the first man was successfully sent on the moon, there were still questions about how animals would respond to microgravity.

And two spiders were sent there in order to see how or even if they could spin webs in space. And they could.

8. Tardigrades (2007)

Tardigrades are known to survive anything. But how about space? They were sent to space in 2007 and they survived the lack of oxygen, dehydration, extreme cold and radiation.

Final Word

During the Cold War, the “competition” between the two giants was also some sort of acceleration of the developments and discoveries in the sectors of military, technology, nuclear weapons and science.

Some of the developments, led to the amazing things we are capable of doing today. If it weren’t for these fantastic animals, some that even unwillingly lost their lives, to make significant steps forward we would probably still be in the dark.

Put it this way if you like: Jeff Bezos was able to fly for a few minutes in space for his own entertainment, a phenomenon which was possible due to the fruit flies.

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