8 Adorable Dog Breeds That Look Like Wolves

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According to animal experts, all dogs descend from wolves, but they were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago… let’s say that humans formed a weird connection with wolves just before the invention of the Internet and civilization. Interaction with humans is said to have helped wolves evolve and change their bodies, personality traits, and behaviors, so some of them have become the dogs we have today. 

According to archaeologist and geneticist Greger Larson, the first animal that was formed by people was the dog. “Remove domestication from the human species, and there’s probably a couple of millions of us on the planet, max. Instead, what do we have? Seven billion people, climate change, travel, innovation and everything. Domestication has influenced the entire earth. And dogs were the first.”

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  1. I rescued an Alaskan malamute at 6 weeks old. My Bull Mastiff basically raised him since I worked so many hours. Lost my Mastiff at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, due to an undiagnosed tumor behind his sternum that burst. “Scout” moped for nearly three months… as well as me. He has free reign 24/7 in the house and 1/2 acre back yard. He has eaten every rabbit, possum and squirrel in the yard. Even the wild deer won’t come on my property. I have a small cat that I adopted who is black & white and about the size of the possums Scout used to leave in the house for me. The cat hates dogs, but she has been here nearly 20 years, so I gated off part of the house for her. I don’t think Scout would hurt her, but the cat loves to harass him. Scout killed a neighbors pup who snuck into our yard. ‘devistating’ I want to find him a roommate and other than taking him to a shelter to pick his own roomie, a pup would survive here.

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