7 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the World

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Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, you have to admit that felines are among the most beautiful and interesting creatures in the animal kingdom, right? They are some of the most popular animals in the United States, with 29% of Americans owning a cat. Just like any other pet, cats are intelligent, playful, affectionate, devoted to their families, some more talkative than others, and, in general, they can get along well with other pets, as well.

Many people believe that cats are easy to maintain, unlike dogs, but this is totally wrong. According to animal experts, every animal has different needs, regardless of their breed, age, gender and so on. Just like dogs, there are some more independent cat breeds than others, while certain cat breeds hate being left home alone for too long and seek the attention of their people every time.

However, before adopting a pet (whether you prefer dogs, cats, birds or other animals), it is very important to educate yourself first about the breed per se, what it means to care for an animal, the maintenance costs, what type of food it is recommended depending on their age, breed, or allergies, why it is essential to never skip vet check ups, and so on. If these tasks seem quite difficult for you, it means that you are not ready yet for adopting a pet.

These animals have different needs and it is your responsibility to meet them, otherwise, you risk raising an unhappy and unhealthy animals – or even worse – you will end up abandoning them. If these tasks seem difficult enough to you, it means that you are not yet ready for the adoption of a pet.

That being said, here are the most popular cat breeds in the world, according to statistics. Read on for more info!

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