7 Low-Energy Dogs That Don’t Shed

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If you want to adopt a pet it’s important to accept that you are going to make a huge commitment. Bringing home a new pet even involves a lifestyle change, especially because you have to meet their needs and offer them love, time and affection. So, for instance, if you want to go on vacation, who will you leave the dog with? 

However, if you still want to adopt a dog, but you are looking for one that doesn’t shed too much, your dreams will come true because there are a lot of non-shedding breeds waiting for you to adopt them!

11 thoughts on “7 Low-Energy Dogs That Don’t Shed”

  1. I had one Husky and after his passing I rescued a Malamute from the same humane society. SHED— YES— But if you are willing to brush them at least one time per week the love you get in return and the little amount of hair you get is well worth it. Now if my wife was here she would say the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner helped a lot also, And I do remember someone walking by when I was doing my brushing thought I might have lost another dog in the pile of hair on the ground. Bad me, I had not brushed for a few weeks because we ALL were on a camping vacation together and forgot the brush at home. After many years (20+) we are now without a dog, going on year two now, and I miss having a dog so much that words cannot express it. At 74 I still want one but worry a bit that the dog would out live me and my wife and would need to find another owner and that bothers us because we have always spent a LOT of time with our fur buddies, more than most, and they always go with us no matter where we go… except a couple of times when we went to Hawaii without them and that was difficult for me….

    1. Hi Richard, I’m sorry about the sadness you are experiencing with an empty nest. Have you considered rescuing a senior dog? Unfortunately people decide that they want a new puppy and get rid of their older, pain ridden senior. It’s so heartbreaking that the poor dog has to live out it’s years in the “concrete jungle”. It breaks my heart. I’m not sure about the state you live in, but here in CA, we have shelters that let you adopt these “golden oldies” for free, and they also include vet appointments and medications. Please check into this option and spread your love for one that has been dumped due to age. Make your heart sing ….

  2. Why only little tiny dogs? There are some super big dogs that are have those characteristics too! We have a great dane and they are total couch potatoes! Sweet, smart and always just want to sit next to you.

  3. You left out an amazing breed: the Bichon Frise. We have had three of them including the present one which was abandoned in a Greensboro, NC park. He was taken to a county shelter and we ended up rescuing him. The BF is highly intelligent, super-affectionate, and has a quirky funny sense of humor. Grabbed a brand new bra with tags that my mom had just purchased and got himself all tangled up in it and paraded himself around the house. It was hysterical! He didn’t even want to be taken out of it, our cross-dressing boy! And the BF is highly protective of its owners. When I was out walking our dog one day, out of nowhere a huge Pitt Bull came running at us, growling and snarling. Before I even had time to react, my BF broke loose from his lead, and stood right in front of me, growling and snarling right back and moving forwards towards the other dog. The Pitt Bull stopped dead in his tracks, then started shaking and whimpering. By that time its owner had run up and grabbed him, and yelled “your dog scared the crap out of mine!” All I know is that in this moment my dog had sved my life, all 20 pounds of him. My other BF’s were equally brave and when even passed away, I grieved bothof them for a very long time. The Bichon Frise looks like a powder puff but this breed has heart and courage — and he/she are hypoallergenic and don’t shed. My favorite of all breeds!

  4. June Kirkpatrick

    I’ve had 10 dachshunds over the years and they don’t shed. Generally, they are low energy dogs. Now I have two rescue terriers, one is calm and the other definitely is not (her name is Masereti for a good reason).

  5. I can’t believe you are listing non-shedding dogs without mentioning the Wheatons. We are on our fourth, and although we love virtually all breeds, the Wheatons are the best! Every other Wheaton owner we have met share our convictions.

  6. Shepard are my kind of dog. They are smart, easy to train, shed but who gives a shed…
    Mine was a Shepard after he died I did not get another.. I truly loved and miss him very much…If I could have another dog where I live, it would have MOST DEFINITELY BE a shepard…Kelly Rest in Peace My Boy…Daddy Surely Does Miss You…!!

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