7 Cats That Look Like Tigers & Other Wild Felines

Photos by Nataliia Pyzhova and apple2499 from Shutterstock

Although they are cousins, tigers are ferocious wild felines, unlike our cats that we can keep in the house next to us and our families. It’s no secret that tigers are beautiful large cats and there are people who wanted to adopt one as a pet at some point in their lives, but you know that it’s illegal to own a wild feline, not to mention that they can’t be trained and socialized as easily as domestic cats, unless you are an animal expert and trainer.

In other words, no matter how much we want to, the truth is that we can’t adopt a tiger as a pet, but we can choose a cat breed that looks like a wild feline instead. And the best part is that these domestic cats can be easily maintained… and can be legally kept in your house.

So, if you want a house cat that looks like a tiger, leopard, cheetah or other wild felines, here are some domestic cat breeds that will definitely conquer your heart! Read on to find out more info!

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