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4. 101 Dalmatian with heterochromia

It’s pretty rare to see a dog with heterochromia, but a Dalmatian?! We are in complete awe of this puppy with stains. This iconic dog breed is very playful and has a lot of energy.

Against popular belief, this breed isn’t rare, actually, it’s quite the opposite. We agree that this breed is truly one of the best, however, if you can’t deal with an overly energetic breed we recommend one that’s calmer.

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5. We’re happy because this Russian spaniel is happy

Russian spaniels are usually amazing house and apartment dogs, they are very loyal and will offer you LOTS of cuddles which, we can’t, deny, we love! We can sense from this picture how amazing this breed can be!

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6. What a fierce Husky we’ve got here!

Unlike this photo, Huskies are in general silly, overly excited, and lovely dogs. Heterochromia is actually quite often met in this breed, making them even more beautiful than they already are!

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7. This baby Pitbull melted our hearts

Besides their eyes, they also have their entire body and head divided in two colors which is even better! Judging by this photo we don’t understand how some of these dogs can be extremely aggressive.

That may also be why some people decide to adopt them in a hurry (like us)!

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