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If you have ever considered adopting a hippopotamus, you should think twice before making this decision. That being said, let’s consider the case of a South African man, Marius Els, and his pet Humphrey, a hippo that killed him in 2011.

Before his death, Marius Els was famous on the internet for his videos with Humphrey, as he tried to show the world that he had a strong connection with his pet until Humphrey changed his mind and killed him. Six years after his adoption, the hippopotamus attacked Els and bit him to death.

Well, according to officials, Humphrey had previously attacked several cows. Statistics show that hippos kill more people every year than any other dangerous animals do, such as leopards, elephants, lions and so on.

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Southern pig-tailed macaque

The southern pig-tailed macaque is a medium sized macaque that can be found in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Being somewhat similar to humans, they are usually not considered dangerous, but there is always an exception to this rule which proves otherwise, right?

A 72 year old man and his son owned a southern pig-tailed macaque, but when they tried to climb a tree to get some fruit, they were attacked by their exotic pet. Unfortunately, the old man died immediately, while his son was injured in the neck area.

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