33 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About the Animal Kingdom

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We already know that animals are capable of incredible things, and we can say for sure that they are as equally as intelligent as humans are, maybe even smartermore.

Scientists conducted several studies, and discovered surprising facts about them, which only attest to the fact that the human race and our society is VERY similar to the animal kingdom.

If you don’t believe us scroll down below to read the shocking things which will undoubtedly make you say ”WHAAAT?!”.

1. A koala’s finger prints are VERY similar to a human’s

We could go so far as saying, they could even taint a crime scene!

2. Parrots like to help each other

African grey parrots like to help each other obtain food and are very selfless when it comes to good deeds.

3. A mantis shrimp’s punch is the fastest

Their punch is faster than a .22-caliber bullet. Mike Tyson would be jealous!

4. Most of the hunting is done by female lions

What a shocker that women do all the work!

5. The oldest dog breed dates back to 300 BC

A man’s best friend since forever.

6. The first signs of cats comes from more than 9,000 years ago


7. Puffins have their own way of scratching their body

They use twigs.


8. There’s a certain breed of ants which only live in Manhattan

Who said ants don’t also like a luxurious lifestyle?


9. If a cow is painted in a zebra pattern, it will be free of fly bites


10. Capuchin monkeys wash their hands

…..in urine!

11. In the Caribbean, sperm whales have accents

12. Is that a bear? Oh, no. Just a pig!

In China pigs are as big as bears.

13. Not only do stars glow in the dark, but some species of sharks can too!


14. There are snails with hairy shells!


15. Remember when you were a kid and you thought your friendship were gonna last forever?

Well, unlike humans, baby Tasmanian devils really mean it.

They tend to make friendships that last for life.

16. The bite of a grizzly bear is so strong it can damage a bowling ball


17. Ducks surf too!


18. Pigeons are so smart they can do math


19. Zebra stripes are an actual bug repellant


20. We enjoy drinking once in a while, and so do chimps


21. Otters are known to use tools


22. We hope cryogenics will be a thing in the future, however frogs live years ahead of us

They can freeze without dying.


23. Koalas can and will sleep for more than 22 hours a day


24. Dolphins have names


25. Octopuses taste through their arms


26. It takes a whole month for sloths to digest a single leaf


27. During the winter, painted turtles breathe through their butt


28. Not only can humans adopt, squirrels will too


29. Octopuses have three hearts


30. When you’re doing something silly in the house, the laugh between the pipes or from the attic comes from the rats, you’re not hearing things. YES, rats can laugh too!


31. We are already familiar with the fact that cats can be very difficult sometimes, however it can get to the point where they voluntarily ignore you when you call their name


32. Humans can be bilingual and so can orcas, they can learn to speak dolphin! 


33. Horses can gallop, we know that, but primitive crocodiles could have too.


Final Word

These interesting animal facts prove to us that the animal kingdom is far from being fully discovered.

For a long time, we looked at them thinking they are inferior, and that we are the superior race. However as we learn more and more about them, we are told otherwise.

After all, we are the only creatures who pay to live on Earth.

If you know more interesting facts about animals don’t hesitate to comment them down below.

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