30 Hilarious Animals Before And After A Bath


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23 thoughts on “30 Hilarious Animals Before And After A Bath

  1. Wanda Reply

    Ok some were cute while other were very angry. I just did not like the ones that were terrified. Do people really not realize that they are terrorizing their pets? Pathetic! Not all were funny!

      1. Jo Ann Reply

        If I tried to bathe my cat, I would end up bloody….just from her teeth. The vet handles cats with rubber gloves up to her elbows. I let my cat groom herself, thank you.

    1. Doug Reply

      OK Wanda. I think you are right.
      So all the people wanting their animals to be clean, give it up. The animals should remain mentally healthy and physically dirty. The other thing, that includes the use any flea or tick medicines….they want the infections also.

  2. Claudette Reply

    Some of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen! I’m sure the humans did not get up in the morning, and say “Today I am going to bathe my pet and really make him/her angry!” Bathing is a fact of life, almost all animals have to get used to. I have seen so many truly enjoy their time in the water. Patience is the key for the human part of this equation!

    1. Debbie Reply

      If you could see how much our Sheltie and Mini Aussie (Australian Sheep Dog) LOVE their (right from the cold, outside spigot) kiddie pool. My Mini Aussie, Maddie, jumps right in and lies down in the cold, cold water! Max, our Sheltie has to get in and out several times before he just lies down next to Maddie! I wou They also don’t mind their bathes either! My daughter bathes them and I get them from the tub and give them a good rub down and massage followed by a good combing. And they are a lot better for it! There is a lot less hair rolling around! You tell me, you doubters out there, whose house, furniture and DOG smells a LOT better!

      1. Diane Reply

        Yes, And those are dogs! They love baths more, But I agree with the other girls about cats and

        they look terrifired.

  3. Saundra Newbill Reply

    When I see the poor animals in clothes, I feel so bad for them. I am a animal lover and I don’t think they are happy although some owners say”they love it.” So glad you see what I see and feel for them because they have no voice of their own. Humans need to stop this torture. Tks

    1. Sharron Chapman Reply

      Well said. I see people and their children abuse their pets every day. Think, people!!
      Animals don’t want to be teased, frightened, scared ,mocked as I see in so-called funny videos. Do unto an animal what you would have done to yourself.

    2. Macy's Mom Reply

      I agree with you about putting clothes on animals. I have a little ShihTzu who wears a coat in the winter and she hates it. When we go out into the snow I am sure she likes being warm but as soon as we get back into the house she lets me know “Take this contraption off of me NOW.”

  4. Michele Appell Reply

    Some where very cute. I agree cats do not like baths. Our cat would not talk to us for 24 hours after a bath he was mad and never tried his sister who is more aggressive.

  5. Jo Ann Reply

    Why would anyone bathe a bird. Wouldn’t it ruin the bird’s natural oils that protect it from rain etc??

  6. Lainie LeClair Reply

    Animal lover:

    I agree, some cats hate water. On the other hand I couldn’t keep our cat out of the pool. As far as clothes go I really don’t think they mind being dressed up in a grannie nightgown with cap. The look you see on their faces is total embarrassment but would rather be embarrassed than ignored. We refer to this as “playing” with our pets. Real embarrassment is when the dog escapes with the nightgown and cap on. This is why we own pets…to love and be loved by them.

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