15 Animals We Can Sadly Say Goodbye To

The International Union for Conservation of Nature, one of the world’s foremost advocates for preserving the natural world, keeps what it calls a “red list,” an assessment of the threats faced by plants and animals. As of 2016, the 70-year-old organization’s list included 82,954 species, of which 23,928 were threatened with extinction. Check out 15 Rare Animals That Are Almost Extinct!

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  1. JIM MULLER Reply

    Hi, my name is Jim Muller and I live in Wellington, Fl. I have a pair of Imperial Woodpeckers that return to my oak tree annually in search of bugs, I believe they feast on termites. I’m to report that these birds are not extinct and we took photos of them while feeding. If you need to contact me, please call (561) 346-9213.

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