13 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

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Dogs are the most popular pets in the United States and there are a lot of statistics that prove this fact, for example, according to American Veterinary Medical Association, 37 percent of Americans have a dog as a pet and the percentage is higher than for cat owners. As the saying goes, ‘dogs are man’s best friend’ and it is not just an old saying, it is the honest truth! 

The writings say that thousands of years ago, wolves from the ancient period were domesticated by humans, becoming the ancestors of today’s American dogs. The relationship between the wolves – that later became the ancestors of the dogs – was based on reciprocity, so the owners were protected and the dogs received food. These Native American dog breeds are extinct nowadays, but they played an important role in the evolution of today’s breeds. We do not know exactly how true this story is, but it seems quite plausible.

Anyway, it is clear that people who own a dog consider their beloved friend to be part of the family, and according to a survey by Purina, 95 percent of dog owners believe that. Therefore, if the data doesn’t lie, it means that Americans really love their pets, and I bet that this applies to cat owners as well. 

There are numerous statistics that analyzed the most popular dog breeds in America, so here is a list of them all!  

Our first adorable pup thankfully WON’T have your blood boiling…..

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40 thoughts on “13 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America”

    1. Dr. Paula Loniak

      Go to your local animal shelter where there are MANY dogs of all breeds (& mixed breeds) who are waiting for a loving home. You’ll get a devoted companion who will be SO grateful to be out of the shelter, and you’ll feel like a hero—because you are!

  1. My brother and Mom had a Saint Bernard
    That lived to 15 years old. He was blind and
    Slept a lot but my Mom loved him. And although he was very old and couldn’t see well, if at all. He would bark if he heard any
    Noises and my Mom felt secure when he was alive. She found him dead one morning
    It it took three men from the Vets office
    To remove his body. We paid to have him
    Cremated and got a tin with his alleged
    Ashes. Later there was a big scandal about
    The pet cemeteries in Long Island NY
    And the State of NY took their license
    Away, and siezed the property for back

    1. *Our Lassie Male Collie….lived 14 years….and was always considered my brother. Loved
      to lay down and hold each other. In those days he had lumbago, half blind and a little deaf.

  2. Those were all nice dogs. However, you left out some of the smaller ones. Like Mini
    Schnauzers. I have two sisters/litter mates. Our 9th and 10th Schnauzers.

    Plus we live on a street with 7 other Schanuzers. Use to be 9 but one died and one
    move away. I thought our street should have been renamed “Schnauzer Lane”.

    Thanks Have a good day and stay healthy.
    Debra Belisle

    1. Boxers are the best dogs, whether from a breeder or rescued!! They are sweet or aggressive when needed, loving and loyal.

    2. If I were a dog, I would marry a boxer! They keep you laughing and have the best personality in the world. They walk proud and are very devoted.Love them so much!!!❤️❤️❤️

  3. if you are in the market for a dog, please adopt a shelter dog. There are so many mixed breed dogs that are sweet and need a family. Did you know that mixed breed are less likely to have problems with there hips, etc?

    1. We adopted a shelter dog her names cookie. I’ve had lots of dogs, with and without papers
      Cookies a mixed breed, But let me tell you this is the best dog in the world… Every one who meets her loves her. We wouldn’t sell her for a million dollars. She’s part of the family. Adopt a
      dog and you will have a dog that will love you for the rest of its life …

      1. Amen! I had a shelter Shepherd mix who was the best!!! She was with us 13 yrs although they claimed she was about 4 when we got her Never a problem, and always a look of gratitude in her eyes!! 🥰

  4. My pet is a Shih-Tzu. Tucker is 11 years old and still going strong! I am 73 years old and he and I do everything together. My wife passed away and he is the only one in my life! We go for a walk every morning so he can do his business. We go to our local park – he loves it! Then the rest of the day we spend doing time on my 1 acre property. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Tucker! I truly love Tucker and hope to have him at least 5 or 6 more years in my life. A Shih-Tzu is a very smart and loving pet!

  5. We’ve rescued/adopted over the years 3 Great Danes, all have been phenomenal dogs! Loyal, loving & protective of their family & home, especially if they’re treated like a true family member!
    Every breed virtually has a rescue group & so many shelters are full of loving dogs, many which are purebreds! ADOPT & NEVER SHOP!!

  6. My son was attacked by a neighbor’s Akita and would have killed him had I not been nearby. He was in the hospital for two weeks recovering. I would never ….ever think about getting an Akita. Nasty, un predictable dogs.
    My son now rescues pit bulls….. we have found these abused animals to be the sweetest dogs around. They are very much mis-understood. For the peron who wanted to get an Akita…. find a rescue shelter in your area and adopt a pit bull.

    1. I’m very sorry about your son; to be attacked by any animal in that manner is terrifying, but to disparage an entire breed because of one dog is ignorance. It’s not the breed; it’s the dog. More precisely, it’s usually the owner that instills in the animal that type of mentality. I’m sure your son knows that if he handles pit bills; a breed, if any, that is susceptible to aggressive behavior. Instances of pit bull attacks are well documented. In fact, the ‘American Bully’ breed was developed to breed out the aggressive tendencies in pit bulls (note: the America Kennel Club [AKC] does not recognize the breed, though other clubs do). My family and I had 3 Akitas, a male and female and, later, a male. All were great dogs. Loyal, intelligent, good with our 3 young children.

    2. I totally agree with you Len. Akitas are unpredictable, quick to attack. I know that because I had an experience with one. Pit Bulls are the sweetest, loving, smart dogs out there. Remember, there are no bad dogs, only BAD OWNERS!

    3. My first Akita was a wonderful dog. She was not an aggressive dog. She would only fight another dog if that dog came into our yard and growled at her. She was a wonderful companion and protector. Children should be watched carefully when around a large breed or even small breed.
      My German Shepherd breeder calls my dachshunds “Little ankle biters.”

  7. I have had three Brittanys. they are all around athletes and very sweet as companion dogs. They do like to run, need exercise, and will psych you out, because they are very smart, and will run the house, but in a cute way. They are also beautiful. surprisingly good as watch dogs. they used to be used primarily as hunting/ bird dogs, but their role is changing.

  8. I have a Black Lab and a Yellow Lab Retriever!!! They are both very beautiful and SMART SMART SMART!!!! I have little seizures every single day of my life and both of my gorgeous dogs always know if I’m about to go into an episode… if I’m in an episode in the back yard they both know to get someone and bring them straight to me!!!!!

  9. I have had mini schnauzers my entire life and they are the best dogs out there! They don’t shed and are so easy to train. They are intelligent, sweet and loving. HiDee is 10 and acts like she is 5. Walks everyday and visits with all her furbaby friends at the park!

  10. You for got the mutt. The result of dog owners that do not supervise well or spay /neuter. There are an unknown amount of them waiting in shelters , dog pounds and living on their own. If you look, very often you can identify the purebred dog that messed around and started the mutts. My last three have been humane society dogs and they have loved me and been faithful companions . The little guy I have now is the most loving and smartest dog I have ever had. He has some Beagle in him. Lord knows what else. I would not sell him for any amount of money.

  11. I’ve owned many breeds (large and small) throughout my 70 year life. Of all of them, my all time favorite was my Doberman. He was by far the most gentle, though fiercely protective. The most endearing quality is that he thought he was a lap dog.

  12. Dr. Paula Loniak

    I can’t believe that you believe that THESE breeds are the most popular ones in America! I’m a veterinarian and have worked around dogs & cats for over 40 years and a few of these breeds are outright DANGEROUS and not to be trusted, such. as the Akita. Good grief! And Bloodhounds? Good luck with all of the slimy slobber they’ll fling all over the house. Newfoundlands are probably very nice as pets, as are Saint Bernards, but be prepared for an animal that could weight in at 140 lbs and eat a LOT of food. Weimaraners are high-strung and NEED an outlet for all of that energy….be prepared for lots of exercise every day or they might find their OWN way to use up that pent up energy…chewing up things around the house, digging holes in the yard, etc.
    Of all the breeds listed, the only ones I would recommend as ‘good family pets’ would be the Bichon Frise and the Collie.
    This list was compiled by someone who either knows nothing about the traits of various dog breeds or randomly picked some breeds for no good reason at all. PLEASE look into the behavior, size, temperament, exercise requirements, and grooming requirements before you decide to adopt ANY dog. And don’t forget that there are thousands of loving dogs waiting to be adopted in your local animal shelters—they often make the most devoted companions you could wish for!

  13. I have had many dogs but after rescuing Sammy a Boxer I would have to say they are the best. My Sammy lasted 11 1/2 years and gave my family nothing but happiness, I miss him every day.

  14. Ruth Gardner Lamere

    I have had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for fifty years.They are smart, adorable looking, funny and loving. They can be feisty in a good way too !!! Great family dogs.

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