13 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

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Dogs are the most popular pets in the United States and there are a lot of statistics that prove this fact, for example, according to American Veterinary Medical Association, 37 percent of Americans have a dog as a pet and the percentage is higher than for cat owners. As the saying goes, ‘dogs are man’s best friend’ and it is not just an old saying, it is the honest truth! 

The writings say that thousands of years ago, wolves from the ancient period were domesticated by humans, becoming the ancestors of today’s American dogs. The relationship between the wolves – that later became the ancestors of the dogs – was based on reciprocity, so the owners were protected and the dogs received food. These Native American dog breeds are extinct nowadays, but they played an important role in the evolution of today’s breeds. We do not know exactly how true this story is, but it seems quite plausible.

Anyway, it is clear that people who own a dog consider their beloved friend to be part of the family, and according to a survey by Purina, 95 percent of dog owners believe that. Therefore, if the data doesn’t lie, it means that Americans really love their pets, and I bet that this applies to cat owners as well. 

There are numerous statistics that analyzed the most popular dog breeds in America, so here is a list of them all!  

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