12 Exotic Pets That Are Actually Legal In The U.S.

Photo by Noe Besso from shutterstock.com

We’ve heard of some pretty strange things happening in our country so now nothing will surprise us anymore. Or can it?

We thought we’d share with you these XX exotic animals which you can legally adopt as your pet.

Yes, you read that correctly. There are some regulations and policies you need to follow, but that won’t stop you from having your own kangaroo.

If your long life dream has been to have an exotic animal as a pet we’ll give you the full list of animals down below:

1. Anteaters

No more worrying about the ants in the house.

2. Tigers

Even though they are all adorable and fluffy when they are young they require a lot of space and food in time.

3. Foxes

Very cute, but very hard to domesticate. They are legal only in 15 states so far.

4. Tarantulas

We wish you good luck with this one.

5. Alligators

They might outlive you, it’s difficult to create and find  the right environment for them to live in and no putting them in your bathtub is not an option . In addition, there’s a big chance they will attack you and eat you.

6. Kangaroos

Aggressive animals and legal in some of the states (Washington, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Jersey)

7. Llamas

They are considered to be therapy animals and family friendly creatures.

8. Skunks

They can be very playful and reportedly when they are bred in captivity their scent gland are being removed. What a stinky situation.

9. Porcupines

It takes a lot of patience to pet one though.

10. Boa Constrictors

This animal, unlike many myths, is actually a pretty docile pet, in some cases.

11. Cougars (no, not those ones)

Pet cougars are almost impossible to be domesticated, but can be tamed. It’s a risk we are not wiling to take.

12. Two Toed Sloths

They are very adorable creatures but very high maintenance.

Final Word

These animals are amazing creatures with incredible appearances and we know how interesting it would be to have one as a pet, however the risks and the high maintenance care are two important things you need to think about.

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