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Shetland Sheepdog

  • Dog breed group: herding dogs
  • Weight: starts at 20 pounds
  • Life span: 12 to 15 years

The Shetland Sheepdog dog breed was originally bred to serve as a herding dog and to keep animals away from farmers’ gardens, but nowadays they can make excellent companions for any type of family. They are also known as Shelties.

According to animal experts, the Shetland Sheepdog can be the perfect pet even for families with kids, but they can be reserved or even shy around strangers, so don’t force them to make new friends when you go for a walk in the park.

They are also protective of their families, so they have a tendency to bark when someone enters their territory. However, they make great watchdogs. Just like any other dog breed, the Shetland Sheepdog should be socialized and trained from an early age to behave properly around other people and animals.

They are highly intelligent and love to get involved in various family activities. Even though they are easy to train, they can sometimes be stubborn, making your training sessions challenging, though.

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