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  • Dog breed group: companion dogs
  • Weight: 3 to 7 pounds
  • Life span: 12 to 16 years

The Pomeranian dog breed is capable of competing in agility and obedience and can make good pets even for novice pet parents and seniors. Although they are small in size, they can get into trouble with larger breeds often, because they challenge them and forget their actual size.

According to animal experts, Pomeranians are perfect for seniors and those who are often busy, as they are not actually overly dependent dogs. They can adapt well to any living condition, so they can live even in an apartment or a house with a backyard.

People who have a Pomeranian say that they are often suspicious of strangers, so they can bark a lot when someone approaches your property. They are not recommended for families with young children, as they can be easily injured due to their size.

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