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  • Dog breed group: companion dogs
  • Weight: 35 to 45 pounds
  • Life Span: 12 to 15 years

The Keeshond is a fan of cool weather, so they really like to spend time outdoors, but they shouldn’t be kept in your backyard because they love to spend time with you. Staying alone can lead to problematic behavior in the long run.

They are perfect not only for seniors who love to arrange their garden from time to time and take a walk in the park but for families with children as well, because they love to play with them. Not to mention that the Keeshond can also get along well with other dogs and pets. However, just like any other dog breed, they need to be properly trained and socialized from an early age.

If you leave them alone at home for too long, they will bark excessively. Don’t forget that they need to be around their people because they are actually a companion dog breed.

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