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Bufonophobia – fear of toads

Bufonophobia is the irrational fear of toads that can cause serious episodes of anxiety and panic attacks. Most of the time, people who suffer from bufonophobia believe that toads are disease carrying creatures. So, this phobia can have a big impact on people’s lives because they will avoid rural areas and other places just to limit the chances of coming into contact with a toad. 

However, it’s quite impossible to tell someone suffering from bufonophobia that some toads are harmless amphibians, because they start to panic instantly when they see one. In addition, there are some species of toads, such as the giant toad, which is poisonous and can kill people and other animals. People who have this phobia have probably heard of this fact so this may be one of the reasons why they have developed the fear of toads.


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Scoleciphobia – fear of worms

Scoleciphobia, also known as helminthophobia or vermiphobia is the specific fear of worms, especially parasitic worms. As you probably know, just like any other being, worms play an important role in the agricultural system, because they can keep your plants alive and be food for birds as well. 

Unfortunately, this type of phobia can adversely affect people’s lives, as they will even avoid walking on the grass because they know that there may be worms. People who have found a worm infestation in their food are more likely to develop this kind of phobia.

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