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Ichthyophobia – fear of fish

There are some phobias that could occur when someone has experienced a traumatic event, such as being attacked by a dog, bear and so on. However, these types of phobias have a logical explanation and a specific cause that led to this fear, but how about ichthyophobia, also known as the fear of fish? How could anyone be attacked by a fish? Of course, sharks could do that, but the chances are slim, and in fact, this phobia is called galeophobia. Obviously, people can understand why you are afraid of sharks, but what about fish?!

In general, ichthyophobia refers not only to the fear of fish per se, but the fear of eating and touching them as well, regardless of the fish size and species. Nevertheless, there are two types of fish phobias, namely the irrational fear of fish, which is a psychological phenomenon, and the mythical fear of fish, which is a cultural phenomenon that can be found in certain tribes, such as the Navajo tribes. These tribes believe that all species of marine beings are taboos, so they refuse to interact with them. 

The irrational fear of fish usually occurs in childhood, when kids have experienced a traumatic event with fish or those who have a well developed imagination and believe that fish can fly and attack them. 


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Cynophobia – fear of dogs

As I said before, fear of dogs, also known as cynophobia, can be understood because you are more likely to be attacked or chased by a dog, however, there are people who suffer from this phobia despite never interacting at all with dogs, but maybe they watched some videos with aggressive dogs that scared them, who knows? 

Did you know that this type of phobia actually affects 7% to 9% of the population? According to statistics, there are more than 62,400,000 dogs in the United States, so your chances of being bitten by a dog are high and in this case, your phobia is entirely understandable. Nonetheless, there are people who may experience severe symptoms of cynophobia even when they think about dogs.

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