Transient Orca

What’s the most ferocious underwater creature out there? Before you say ‘shark,’ let us introduce you to killer whales. Although scientists insist on killer whales being harmless, there have been many cases when humans got hurt.

Transient orcas love to eat meat and they will surely attack you if you invade their habitat.

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  1. How does one tell a “Killer Coyote” from the regular kind? We live in a real nature lover’s paradise with deer, coyotes, bear, fox, you name it. We run into coyotes on the path when walking quite a bit (I carry a stunner and no animal likes the electric sound it makes fortunately) so how can we tell the “killer” type?

  2. Goodness! I love owls but will definitely watch out! Our little rescue Bo weighs only about 30 lbs! We have these majestic [and beautiful] owls in the area also, but I guess he still weighs too much to be swept away by one!

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