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You will be more likely to make new friends

Being able to make new friends in any situation is a real superpower that not many people have. Of course, this is a personality trait of extroverted people who are sociable and don’t let anxiety control their lives.

For the rest of us, though, who can’t make new friends as easily as they do, we need someone or something to help us start the conversation with a new person, so having a pet is what we need – or at least this is what experts say. In other words, according to animal experts, pet owners are more likely to form friendships in their neighborhood than non pet parents.

A 2015 study done by Lisa Wood and colleagues, on how pets can help you meet new people and form friendships, published in PLOS ONE, showed that pets can actually help their owners make new friends in their neighborhood.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Frates, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School, pets can really make communicating with other people easier. “I didn’t meet many people when I moved into my new neighborhood. But that changed when we got Reesee, our Goldendoodle. She opened the door to a new universe of people,” Frates said.

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