10 Of The Bravest Military Animals

Photo by zef art from shutterstock.com

It is important that we acknowledge the sacrifice and bravery soldiers have on the front. However, it is equally important to do so when it comes to military animals.

Since the beginning of time, brutal and cruel wars took place all around the world, making million of victims, forcing men to defend their territories. During these conflicts thousands of animals played a major role in the battles, making them brave heroes as well.

To raise morale and give a feeling of comfort, many exotic animals were used during the First and Second World War and many other significant battles.

We bet you didn’t know these 10 animals were war heroes as a result of their actions and bravery during the vicious wars that took place in the last decade. You may be familiar with the involvement of dogs and horses and how courageous they turned out to be.

However, did you know camels also had a major role? How about ducks? No? Then check out these 10 brave military animals and what fascinating stories they have.

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