10 Monogamous Animals That Mate for Life

Photo by Dmitry Demkin from Shutterstock

As data from the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) shows, around 5 percent of all mammal species and 90 percent of bird species are monogamous. These animals mate for life with their partners, and while they can’t put a ring on it, they understand what commitment truly is.

As humans, we could learn a lot of lessons from these animal species that choose a partner with whom they spend their whole lives, through thick and thin. This is what real love should look like, after all.

While animal relationships are very different compared to human interactions, these 10 animal species are known to be monogamous. They create an indestructible bond with their partners and they do everything in their powers to protect their families.

Read on to find the 10 animal species that mate for life!

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