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6. The Arabian horse has fewer vertebrae, rib and tail bone than other breeds

The Arabian horse is not only responsible for the foundation of many other light horse breeds, but it is also a special breed. These horses have fewer vertebrae, rib and tail bone than other breeds. They are smaller compared to other riding horses. According to animal experts, the Arabian horse is actually good at any type of horse sport.


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7. Horses are herbivores

As you already know, horses are herbivores, which means that their diet consists of grass and other vegetables, such as carrots. If you look at their teeth you will see that they are naturally created for eating grass and veggies, unlike lions or tigers.


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8. Horses can have best friends

As with cows, horses are made for living in small herds and have best friends. So, whether they are domestic or not, they should live with other companions (preferably another horse) to be healthy and happy. If you keep a horse alone, they are more likely to be stressed.


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9. You use ‘hands’ to determine the size of a horse

If you want to determine the height of a horse, the standard measurement is called ‘a hand’. For example, a pony is 14.2 hands. In addition, only miniature horses can be measured in inches and centimeters.


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10.Their ancestors were as big as a medium sized dog

As I said at the beginning of this article, horses have evolved from an Eohippus, which was actually a small multi-toed creature. An Eohippus was as big as a medium sized dog, such as a Golden Retriever.

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