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They are very talkative, but that’s a good thing because they will tell you when the food isn’t good or when they want some attention from you. Moreover, they are highly curious and smart. So, if you want a Siamese cat, you have to know that it will get involved in everything it does and it could endlessly love its owner.

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  1. I have a cat, Ellie, that is almost 24 yrs old (as of 7/2020) and looks like this cat, but dark charcoal with green eyes. She talks all the time and is very affectionate to me, but just tolerates my American Eskimo dog. For her age, I think she is amazing and eats about 3-small cans of Fancy Feast everyday and lounges (sleeps) on my couch. She has been a perfect cat and is very light weight for her appetite and age. I was told that she might be the oldest cat in NYS?

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