Macaques In Bali Steal Foods From Tourists’ Pockets


These hungry macaques have learned that tourists carry interesting things in their pockets.

Macaques in Bali at the Ubud monkey forest have come to the realisation that tourists can provide an almost unlimited supply of food. Enter at your peril as three tourists are said to be bitten a day, not a matter to be made light of in a country where rabies is rife. Sadly it’s a classic example of humans encroaching onto an animal’s habitat and if you dare to visit, be sure to cover up. wear closed shoes, and don’t touch.


Balinese macaques just want your bananas.

Many tourists arrive clutching bunches of bananas, ready to make memories and forge bonds with the wild animals. But most often these unsuspecting well-wishers are bullied into handing over the whole bunch only to spend the rest of their trip being harassed by other monkeys that are convinced they must still be hiding more elsewhere.

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