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13 Weird Wild Animals And Their Surprisingly Cute Babies

Proboscis Monkey

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What a Beautiful World We Live In! (19 Crazy Facts)

A python can swallow a rabbit whole and may eat as many as 150 mice in a six-month period.

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19 Animal Facts That Will Leave You Stunned

Female koalas have two vaginas.

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A manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostrus) swims along underwater in the springs of Crystal River, Florida

20 Animal Facts You’ve Never Thought Of

In the past, the whole Europe was filled with lions, but they disappeared due to massive huntings in 100 BCE.

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Meet The 21 Silliest Animals On The Planet

So that’s what my back actually looks like!

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21 Of The Weirdest Ocean Animal Mysteries

Octopus can see with their skin Although they have pretty big eyes, recent studies have shown that octopus have a protein in their skin...

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18 Funny GIFs Proving That Some Animals Are Jerks Too

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Check Out These 22 Fascinating Animal Facts

The blood of a lobster is colorless, but when it’s exposed to oxygen, it turns blue.

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Gray Wolf in winter snow

Canis lupus

20 Creepy Animal Facts That Will Haunt Your Mind

1. Hippos kill more people in Africa than lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos combined.

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Check Out These 17 Stunning Animal World Records

#1 Longest Ears On a Dog Harbor, an 8-year-old dog from Colorado, entered the Guiness World Record for the Longest Ears on a Living Dog....

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