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Welcome To Dragonfly Habitat

Dragonflies enjoy habitats that have shallow, slow running fresh water and plenty of aquatic plants. Ponds, lakes, canals and marshlands...

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This Is One Of The Most Fierce Predators Worldwide

As one of the world’s most voracious predators (yes, really) dragonflies have one of the most effective hunting strategies in the animal...

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These 24 Pics Prove That Not All Animals Love Girls

That’s why you should pick your shampoo flavor very carefully!

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The Sea Otter’s Comeback

Devoted conservation programmes have brought sea otters back to Pacific shorelines. Thanks to their amazingly dense fur – the...

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15 Hilarious Moments Between Girls And Animals

The elephant’s look though..

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22 Unlucky People Who Tried To Bond With Grumpy Animals

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Why Are Some Animals Cold Blooded?

We already know that most of the animals and birds are warm blooded – us included – while reptiles have cold blood. But what...

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Where Do Flies Go In Winter?

Let’s admit it: we’ve all been wondering at some point in our lives where the heck do flies go in winter. We know that some...

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These Fish Created Their Own Lanterns And It’s Amazing

At this point, it’s safe to say that humans are the best creatures on Earth when it comes to adapting to new environmental...

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18 Animal Myths You Still Believe Are True

MYTH: The female praying mantis always eats the male after mating. Although it’s true that the female praying mantis does eat her...

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