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25+ Heartwarming Pics Of Animals Showing Their Love

No matter the weather Lovers stay together!

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9 Pregnant Animal X-Rays That Are Both Awesome And Scary


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Pangolines: The Overly-Cute Mammals You Don’t Know About

Have you ever heard of pangolins? If not, let’s introduce you to some of the wild cutest creatures out there. The age of pangolins is...

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Crazy Police Chase Of A Tortoise Gladly Ends Well

Never leave your tortoise home alone all day long! At least this is the lesson learnt by a family from Alhambra, California, when their...

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22 Hilarious Fails Of Girls And Animals

Who are you calling ‘cute unicorn,’ woman?!

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28 Awesome Pics From The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Is that a smile big enough, guys?

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24 Animal Stories Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart (1)

Alex was an African Grey parrot that learned how to speak over 100 different words. However, right before dying, his last words to his...

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12 Invented Animal Names That Are Better Than The Originals

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Meet The Manta Ray

Cruising both the open oceans and the sunlit tropical shallows, a manta ray cuts a pretty imposing silhouette in the water. With undulating...

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Tree Kangaroos: The Cousins Of Kangaroos From Above

Native to the rainforests of Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, tree kangaroos diverged from their ground-dwelling cousins on the...

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