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Why Are Some Animals Cold Blooded?

We already know that most of the animals and birds are warm blooded – us included – while reptiles have cold blood. But what...

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Where Do Flies Go In Winter?

Let’s admit it: we’ve all been wondering at some point in our lives where the heck do flies go in winter. We know that some...

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These Fish Created Their Own Lanterns And It’s Amazing

At this point, it’s safe to say that humans are the best creatures on Earth when it comes to adapting to new environmental...

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18 Animal Myths You Still Believe Are True

MYTH: The female praying mantis always eats the male after mating. Although it’s true that the female praying mantis does eat her...

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green anaconda snake hd img

Can Snakes Actually Eat People?

For some snakes out there, eating rats for lunch may not be enough. Even though this question has been around for a long time, some people...

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Busted Myth: Do Butterflies Really Live For One Day?

One of the most popular (and fascinating) myths regarding the average animal life span is about butterflies. It’s commonly believed...

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Why Are Some Animals Nocturnal?

Did you know that tarantulas are nocturnal creatures? They, along with animals such as owls, felines, owls, hamsters and wolves belong to...

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Flat-headed Cat

This Is The Least Popular Cat In The World – And It Rocks

From lions and tigers to our small kittens at home, felines are praised and loved by the whole world (and especially the Internet). Of...

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These Must Be The Best Animal Selfies Ever! (25 Pics)

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Are These Viral Cube-Animals Really That Cute? (20 Pics)

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