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8 Chilling Animal Encounters Happening In Australia

The huntsman spider that has taken the Internet by storm

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Shocking Wild Animals Acting Just Like Humans

Frog sitting on a bench

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These Captions Just Made Animal Pics Much More Hilarious

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10 Animals We Can Sadly Say Goodbye To

Philippine Crocodile This beautiful crocodile species can be observed in the sweet waters of the lakes and rivers in the Philippines....

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These Famous People Owned Amazingly Exotic Pets

Elvis with Pet Kangaroo

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10 Wild Creatures That Look Strange

Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula Considered to be the largest spider in the world, the Goliath Birdeater is found in the rain forests of South...

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These Pictures Prove That Animals Are Funnier Than People

Warrior pose

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A Very Rare Look At The Beautiful Snow Leopards

In 1973, the American author Peter Matthiessen accompanied the great field biologist George Schaller on his study of blue sheep in Nepal,...

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The Impressive Lifestyle Of Polar Bears In The Arctic

To see a polar bear striding far out across a wilderness of Arctic ice is one of the most moving experiences nature can offer. Polar bears...

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18 Funny Animal Pics That Couldn’t Be Taken Better

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